Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on Interlocking Directorship in Competition Law

INTERLOCKING DIRECTORSHIP apparently is one of few issues in Law Number 5 Year 1999 regarding Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Competition (“Competition Law”) that has been frequently asked during legal consulations, apart from other issues such as cartel, intellectual property and distribution/exclusive agreements. Interlocking directorship can be described as a conditions where one person […]

Court Transparency in Indonesian Bankruptcy and PKPU Proceedings

Indonesian Bankruptcy Law was initially enacted through Government Regulation in Lieu of Act No. 1 of 1998 which was then approved by the Indonesian Parliament as law and became Law No. 4 of 1998 which then further amended by Law No. 37 of 2004 on Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Repayment Obligation (“Bankruptcy and PKPU […]